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Vanessa & Jason  16/3/13

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Wedding Dance Lessons Five Dock/ Leichhardt 

60 Minute Private Lesson with Jennifer:  $110

Last Minute 1 1/2 hr  Private Lesson: $160 


Jennifer's Packages: 

Basic Bronze  4 x 1 Hr Private Lessons $420

Learn how to connect together smoothly with a few easy moves that will make you look like natural, confident dancers. Best for those couples that don't want the stress of having to remember too many steps.

Bronze Plus 5 x 1 Hr Private Lessons $510

Ideal for those couples who are worried about two left feet issues. Grooms will be able to lead their Bride around the dance floor with confidence. You'll learn stylish step patterns, including a bridal-dip and lift (for the more adventurous).

Silver   6  x  1 Hr Private Lessons   $620

Make your grand entrance onto the dance floor, then impress your guests with sassy moves to suit your music. End with a highlight lift or show-stopping bridal dip. Suggest this package for more choreography, flair, polish, especially if your music has an up-tempo tempo. 

Gold  8  x  1 Hr Private Lessons   $840

All of the above inclusions to captivate your guests. You'll feel confident to dance the night away with this package.

Platinum 10 x 1 Hr Private Lessons $990

A choreographed routine with lots of sassy moves lifts and dips to impress your guests. 
More choreography means 's more skill needed to lead them. This package will ensure a polished routine with the Groom able to confidently lead the Bride seamlessly from one step to the next.
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Jimmy & Beth  25/3/17

Edward & Sabrina  24/3/18

Erin & Anthony  12/11/16

Prue & Paul  30/1/15